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Predictive Insights at a Glance


Proactively track and monitor filter performance through continuously updated dashboards and user-defined alerts. Current and historical measurement data are analyzed automatically to recommend filter lifecycles that will save energy, enhance productivity, and lower overall system costs.



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First IoT Platform to Track Filtration Performance and Determine Optimal Filter Lifecycle

First-to-market IoT platform to connect filter efficiency with indoor air quality by tracking and communicating particulate penetration levels with built-in values. This rich filtration data provides reliable insights to drive down operational costs, improve decision making, and enhance occupant satisfaction.

24/7 Visibility Into Enterprise-Wide Performance

Gain greater control and intelligence to make informed decisions. Receive early warning indicators to identify air quality issues, repairs, and maintenance requirements before issues reach a critical point.

Intelligent Data to Improve Operational Efficiency

Further optimize processes and improve financial performance by pairing Sensor360's innovative technology with AAF Flanders' full service air quality program - air filtration audits, diagnostics, service, and continuous improvement.

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